Catalyst Filming

Monday 3rd July 2017

Principal photography has started for 'Catalyst' and I have been having a wonderful time working on this project, acting alongside Ryan Gerrard (Outlander), Jack Bence (Sherlock, Bad Education, Eastenders) and Dean-John Wilson (West End's Aladdin). 

Keep an eye out for behind the scenes photos on the images page!

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Horse-riding Training

Sunday 18th June 2017

I have just completed an intensive horse-riding course at the Warwick International School of Horse-riding, and can now mount and dismount unaided, walk, trot, canter and do formation cavalry riding! I can't wait to ride again soon and hope to incorporate this in future acting projects. 

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CATALYST is Crowdfunding

Sunday 16th April 2017

Very excited to have been cast as 'Rosanna' in feature film CATALYST directed by Elizabeth Cassidy. The film has a young and talented crew, a female-led cast, and pro-LGBT themes. The production team have launched a crowdfunding page to make the film possible and are offering lots of perks for supporters (you can even be a featured extra)! Take a look at the crowdfunding page here and contribute if you can:


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Catalyst is Acting Hour's Trailer of the Month!

Sunday 16th April 2017

Feature film CATALYST (directed by Elizabeth Cassidy) released its zero-budget crowdfunding trailer earlier this month, and Acting Hour have selected it as their Trailer of the Month (April 2017).  Acting Hour have UK and US-based audiences and have dedicated a page on their website to promoting CATALYST's trailer. Check it out here: (applicable until the end of April 2017). 

Congratulations to team CATALYST!

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Occhi Interview

Thursday 16th March 2017

Occhi Magazine have just published their interview with me about my acting career. Visit their website to hear me discuss my theatre background, plans for the future, and offer my top tips for success! The article is now available to read on the Press page, and the video interview is available to watch on the Showreel page. You can also read the article and watch the video interview on Occhi's website here:

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'The Great British Cook Off' Episode 1 - 'Fo' Drizzle'

Monday 27th February 2017

Episode 1 'Fo Drizzle' of  parody webseries 'The Great British Cook Off' has been released. The show features me as 'Rayne' :

"Rayne, originally from Bristol but now a student in London is our youngest competitor this series.  She dreams of one day owning a travelling gluten free, dairy free, vegan juice caravan.  After university, she plans on ‘doing east Europe’ and picking up and employing homeless people in her caravans on the way.  She applied for cook off as a protest after being outraged at it's lack of non binary contestants in previous seasons". -

The episode is available to watch online at: 

Episode 2 will be aired on Sunday 5th March 2017. 



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'The Great British Cook Off' Teaser Trailer

Tuesday 21st February 2017

I have recently been filming for parody web series  'The Great British Cook Off'. Although my character has not been announced yet, the show's first teaser trailer has been released. Watch it on Youtube here: . Enjoy!

Follow The Great British Cook Off Online:

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It's All Lies Filming

Sunday 12th February 2017

Filming has been completed on the pilot episode of sitcom 'It's All Lies'. I had a wonderful time on the shoot as quirky receptionist 'Chrissy', and wish Rabbit Island Productions all the best with post-production. For more news on the show, follow Rabbit Island Productions on Facebook at , and on Twitter at @RabbitIslandPro and #itsallliestv. 

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