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'The Great British Cook Off' Episode 1 - 'Fo' Drizzle'

Episode 1 'Fo Drizzle' of  parody webseries 'The Great British Cook Off' has been released. The show features me as 'Rayne' :

"Rayne, originally from Bristol but now a student in London is our youngest competitor this series.  She dreams of one day owning a travelling gluten free, dairy free, vegan juice caravan.  After university, she plans on ‘doing east Europe’ and picking up and employing homeless people in her caravans on the way.  She applied for cook off as a protest after being outraged at it's lack of non binary contestants in previous seasons". - http://www.greatbritishcookoff.com/thefinalists

The episode is available to watch online at: http://www.greatbritishcookoff.com/watch/ 

Episode 2 will be aired on Sunday 5th March 2017.